The Sacrament of Marriage

The Church takes great joy in preparing couples to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage. For a Catholic the expectation is that the wedding celebration will be in the presence of the official Church witness: a Deacon, Priest or Bishop. People commonly refer to this as “getting married in the Church.”

The man and the woman are the ministers of the Sacrament of Marriage and the Priest or Deacon is the official Church witness. The man and woman marry each other, the Priest (Deacon) does not marry them; he witnesses their vows.

It is most appropriate to celebrate the wedding in the parish where you worship each Sunday (Saturday evening). It is customary for a parish to ask the couple to participate in a Marriage Preparation Course prior to celebrating the wedding. It is good to note that the preparation is focused on Marriage not simply the day of the wedding. The adage, “a wedding lasts a day a marriage last a lifetime” is true. If a couple wish to celebrate their wedding at Holy Family Parish the first step is to speak with one of the priests after any Sunday (Saturday evening) Mass.

The married couples in our parish are a sign to us of God’s faithfulness. Our parish family is strengthened by the witness of married couples.

Married couples are invited to pray together each day, to worship together each Sunday (Saturday evening), to eat together and to plan ‘a date’ regularly. A date need not be expensive nor elaborate, rather a time to nurture and sustain your relationship.

For more information, please contact the Parish Priest at or call  our Parish Priest at 519-941-2424 Ext.223

Note: Contact our parish priest one year prior to your intended wedding date.