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Sunday messages from our Pastor, Father Luis Calleja
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  1. We are so very grateful to be able to listen to your meaningful and uplifting sermons. Connection with the church, during this troubling time, is more important than ever before. Spiritually, we feel strengthened and are better able to maintain hope that we are loved, truly loved by our God and that this time too will end and our lives will again return to normal, albeit probably a new normal. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, as we do you and the entire church. |God bless you.

  2. Thank you for such beautiful homilies. I have just recently checked the website for any updates. I just had to share them??

  3. Thank you Reverend Fr. Luis for your weekly homilies. How I miss daily Holy Mass!??

  4. Thank Fr. Luis for a very inspiring homily, I love the Veneration song too. I know you will be saying mass everyday by yourself in the Church for the rest of the lockdown. If you just need a companion, let me know. I can join you every day and be with you, at a distance of course. God Bless, Felix

  5. A very passionate and welcoming sermon. Thank you Fr Calleja. It is an unfortunate time of isolation, but we are fortunate to live in a connected age where we can live stream mass from St Michael’s Basilica.
    Happy Easter Father
    Angie & Ken Moore
    … and from our brothers at the Knights of Columbus

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